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Banque Tuniso-Libyenne (BTL) is proud to announce its participation as Diamond Sponsor in the first edition of the Tuniso-Libyan Industry and Trade Fair in Misrata, Libya. This trade fair, organized by TABC in partnership with the Misrata Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, will be held from January 16 to 18, 2023, and will highlight the strategic partnership between the two countries to create a common economic pole and access the African market.

As a leading trade finance bank, BTL will support Tunisian and Libyan companies by organizing bilateral meetings to promote trade between the two countries. As a correspondent for all Libyan banks, BTL is able to offer comprehensive financial services to support companies in their expansion into the African market. These include export loans, credit guarantees, structured financing, and foreign exchange services to facilitate trade transactions.

The theme of this first edition of the show, “Tunisia-Libya: Gateway to Africa”, reflects the desire of both countries to strengthen their economic cooperation in order to seize development opportunities on the African continent. BTL, as a Diamond Sponsor, is committed to supporting this initiative by offering its expertise and facilitating commercial exchanges between companies from both countries.

By attending the show, BTL aims to strengthen its ties with Libyan and Tunisian companies and help them seize market opportunities in Africa. Our participation in this important event marks a further step in the establishment of a fruitful economic partnership between Tunisia and Libya.

BTL is convinced that Tunisian and Libyan companies can play a key role in Africa’s economic development, and is ready to support them on their journey towards this goal. As a Diamond Sponsor of this trade show, BTL is proud to contribute to the emergence of a common economic pole between Tunisia and Libya, which will enable them to become major players on the African market.

In addition to its role as a facilitator of trade between Tunisian and Libyan companies, BTL is also committed to the economic development of the Libyan regions. As a local bank, it is able to offer financing solutions tailored to the needs of local businesses, thereby contributing to the economic revival of the Misrata region and Libya as a whole.

In summary, BTL’s participation as Diamond Sponsor of the Tuniso-Libyan Industry and Trade Fair in Misrata marks a further step in the bank’s efforts to strengthen economic ties between Tunisia and Libya, and to support Tunisian and Libyan companies in their expansion into the African market. We invite all interested companies to come and meet us at the show to discuss cooperation and development opportunities on the African market, and to benefit from our expertise and financing services.