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BTL customs bonds: a solution to facilitate your imports

Customs bonds are commitments issued by the bank in favor of customs to guarantee payment of duties and taxes by a given due date on behalf of its importing customer. This solution is particularly useful for companies wishing to import goods while deferring payment of duties and taxes.

The various customs bonds offered by BTL include the temporary admission bond for goods imported after processing, as well as for equipment needed to complete a contract, the letter of guarantee for the absence of a bill of lading for shipping companies, and the customs bond for the withdrawal of goods in the event of missing documents or additional customs formalities.

By issuing these customs bonds, BTL enables importers to withdraw their goods without disbursing cash, thus greatly facilitating their import operations. Our commission rates depend on the amount of the customs bond.

Rely on BTL for your imports, and benefit from a secure, reliable financing solution for your international trade operations.