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Bond portfolio management is a battle against market uncertainty. 

The manager responsible for the strategy to be implemented must face up to numerous risks and know the future through theories and models and extensive experience of the domestic market (depth, liquidity, yield curve, counterparty risk, analysis of the security’s performance on the secondary market, etc.), all of which enable us, thanks to our teams of experts and professionals, to offer our customers our products and strategies guaranteeing risk control and better returns.

Our bond desk offers strategies on the following securities:

1. BTA: We offer you all the securities available on the primary and secondary markets at very competitive prices;

2. BTC: To improve your cash flow and develop advanced cash pooling concepts with the possibility of exiting at the lowest cost before maturity, we offer you strategies for acquiring a BTA/BTC mix or a BTC portfolio;

3. Private bonds: BTL offers a rich portfolio of high-yield corporate bonds with customized exit strategies.

4. Government bonds: BTL offers its customers a wide range of Tunisian government bonds at very competitive rates with a very high level of liquidity.

On another front, BTL offers its customers

1. Fixed-rate bonds: defined as a debt security with a rate that is fixed in advance at the time of issue and does not vary in any way according to economic and financial data, or due to any indexation.

2. Floating-rate bonds: These are bonds whose interest rate varies over the life of the bond, and whose coupon varies. The coupon on a variable-rate bond is determined periodically (quarterly, half-yearly, etc.) in relation to a benchmark index, which in most cases is the MMR.