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Discover the currency swap, a precise cash management and cash flow adjustment instrument whose principle is simple: exchange one currency for another on a temporary basis.  

Foreign exchange swaps offer an effective solution for managing your cash flow when you have a currency you don’t need immediately and you need another currency over the same period. For example, suppose you have a payment in dollars and a receipt in the same currency in 30 days’ time. You can use your excess cash in dinars over 30 days by carrying out a swap: spot purchase of dollars and forward sale of dollars at 30 days. This strategy allows you to avoid currency risk and the need for costly foreign currency financing. You can self-finance the operation using your own cash flow, under the best market conditions.

The currency swap is a powerful tool for optimizing your cash flow and minimizing currency risks. It gives you greater flexibility in managing your international transactions, and enables you to take advantage of the best market conditions.

At BTL, we have a team of trading room experts ready to help you set up foreign exchange swaps tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for personalized advice and to take advantage of this advanced cash management solution.

Opt for currency swaps with BTL and benefit from efficient cash management, reduced currency risks and optimized cash flow.