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If you are a company operating in the industrial, commercial, agricultural or service sectors, and payment terms granted to your customers are a cash flow constraint, our Commercial Discounting service can help you finance your sales on credit.

Commercial Discounting is a financing formula that enables you to grant your customers payment deadlines without straining your cash flow. We make available to you the amount of one or more of your bills of exchange before their due date, and the setting up of a Commercial Discount quotation is based on a study of the characteristics of your business, in particular the payment terms granted to your customers.

The interest rate on commercial discounting is indexed to the money market rate, and the loan-to-value ratio depends on credit sales and the average payment terms granted to your customers. The loan is renewed annually, after a review of your business by your branch advisor.

The advantages of trade discounting are numerous
  • You benefit from immediate availability of your sales proceeds.
  • Your account is credited with the amount of your bills of exchange as soon as you receive them.
  • Gain sales thanks to the payment terms you grant your customers, with no cash flow worries when you need them.
  • This offer is accompanied by information, advice and customized follow-up to help you manage your cash flow and meet your working capital requirements.
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors for more information on our Commercial Discounting offer and on financing solutions tailored to your needs.