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Discover BTL’s spot foreign exchange operations, designed to meet the needs of our importing and exporting customers.  

Our experienced trading room team is available to support you in your currency transactions, whatever the size of your trade.

48-hour spot foreign exchange value

Whether you need to convert currencies as an importer or exporter, our team of market professionals is here for you. You can contact our trading room on the following group number: 70 131 711 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. without interruption. You can also leave a signed order with a target price to be reproduced daily and given to your trader or account manager.

The 48h spot value exchange operations are flexible. In line with international practice, transactions are confirmed in real time, with no right of repudiation, and settlement takes place two working days after the transaction has been concluded.

Special day-value foreign exchange transactions

For some companies, the 48-hour rule can be restrictive, especially when faced with significant pressure on dinar liquidity. That’s why BTL offers you the possibility of negotiating your foreign exchange transactions against dinars with a daily value.

BBE foreign exchange transactions

Although BBE exchange transactions are not foreseen as export settlement transactions, BTL offers you the possibility of negotiating your cash-settled exports. To take advantage of this option, you must present the final invoice for the merchandise and the customs declaration prior to negotiation at the nearest branch.

dev/dev operations

Thanks to the aggressiveness of our trading room, the expertise of our traders and our wide range of exchange lines, BTL gives you real-time access to the currency market. You get the prices as they appear on the screens and on your smartphones, without any intermediation margins.

At BTL, we are committed to providing you with fast, flexible and competitive foreign exchange services to meet your international transaction needs. Contact our specialized team to find out more about our spot foreign exchange operations and benefit from advantageous rates. Trust BTL to handle your foreign exchange transactions with confidence.