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Leptis Asset management (LAM)

Leptis Asset Management is a subsidiary of the BTL Group specializing in securities management on behalf of our customers.

Drawing on the BTL Group’s extensive experience in engineering, analysis and networking, LAM aims to develop high-quality business with local and foreign institutional investors, more specifically Libyan investors, international financial organizations and a wide range of corporate and private investors seeking attractive liquidity yields and, above all, lower risk.

LAM’s optimized dynamic and collective management aims to :

  • Offer a broadly diversified range of mutual funds to a broad customer base, enabling each investor to choose the formula best suited to his or her risk profile,
  • Exploit the real vertical synergies offered by the BTL Group,
  • Innovate in cash pooling, while offering customers an international solution for very short-term investments,

Leptis Consulting and Advisory (LCA)

Leptis Consulting and Advisory is a subsidiary of the BTL Group, which performs the role and function of an investment bank.

Unlike commercial banks, which collect money from individuals and then lend it out at an intermediation margin, LCA does not collect deposits.

In concrete terms:

  • We work exclusively for companies, supporting them in their financing and development strategies.
  • It can intervene in the actual management of the company if it has a shareholding, in order to generate added value.
LCAs are therefore mainly involved in four types of missions:

  • advisory services ;
  • equity capital management;
  • placement of syndicated loans and bonds
  • preparation of stock market transactions.

LCA also assists its clients in leveraged buy-outs (LBOs), operations enabling one company to buy another with a minimum of equity (thanks to the leverage effect).

LCA and equity management

Balance sheet management refers to the long-term elements of a company’s balance sheet on the liabilities side (capital owed, loans, share capital, reserves, etc.) and the assets side (fixed assets, etc.).

LCA often intervenes to obtain the best possible terms when it comes to long-term indebtedness, by identifying non-strategic assets that can be sold to generate cash, and so on.

It is also involved in :

  • Conduct and supervise capital reduction operations in the event of losses
  • Preparing capital increases that a company may need to finance its growth, in the form of share issues, bond issues or a mix of the two.

LCA is very effective in finding the best investment strategies on a regular basis.

In particular, it acts as an intermediary on the foreign exchange markets if their client so requests, and in certain cases, LCA and BTL can work together to develop financing solutions and products specifically tailored to corporate needs.

Compagnie Arabe de recouvrement

The Compagnie Arabe de Recouvrement (COMAR) was created on November 26, 2002. Its main mission is to collect receivables assigned to it by Banque Tuniso-Libyenne.

Thanks to its expertise and commitment, our subsidiary actively contributes to the efficient management of receivables, thereby reinforcing the financial stability of our institution. Compagnie Arabe de Recouvrement continues our commitment to our customers, ensuring rigorous and transparent management of the receivables entrusted to it.

Cap Invest

Created on December 04, 2002 under the name of compagnie arabe de participation et d’investissement

Cap Invest’s mission is to manage the investments transferred to it by BTL. It also represents Banque Tuniso-Libyenne in the meticulous monitoring of its investments.