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Discover our extensive range of medium- and long-term investment products, specially designed to meet the needs of our customers seeking attractive, secure returns. 

At BTL, we offer you investment opportunities at extremely competitive rates, without compromising the security of your capital.

Features of our medium- and long-term investment products :

Assimilated Treasury Bills (BTA)

We offer you the opportunity to invest in BTAs issued by the Tunisian government. These products offer attractive rates of return and great stability, making them a preferred choice for investors looking for security.

Tunisian government bonds

Tunisian government bonds are another attractive option for your medium- and long-term investments. These bonds issued by the Tunisian government offer competitive yields and are renowned for their reliability.

Private bonds

In addition to government-issued products, we offer you the opportunity to invest in private bonds issued by banks and financial institutions. These bonds offer attractive rates of return and enable you to diversify your portfolio.

Medium-term investments in euros and dollars

BTL, a capital markets specialist in medium- and long-term foreign currency debt, offers a comprehensive range of medium-term investments. Take advantage of attractive returns with no capital risk, and the flexibility of partial repayment of invested capital.

At BTL, we regularly update the rates of return and reference prices of our investment products. We rely on the yield curves published by Tunisie Clearing to offer you total transparency and enable you to make informed investment decisions.

To find out more about our medium- and long-term investment products and benefit from attractive returns, we invite you to contact our team of investment experts.