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Hatem Zaara

General Manager, BTL

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new BTL website.

Indeed, since November 2022 we have been engaged in a highly ambitious three-year 2023-2025 transformation program entitled "Change", which should give rise to the new BTL 2.0, largely oriented towards digitalization and interactive remote services.

To ensure the success of this change process and the bank's structuring projects, we have spared no effort in terms of human and logistical resources, while at the same time relentlessly coaching our teams and employees so that each one of them, from his or her own position, can sponsor the new orientations, the new culture, the new customer paths, the new canvassing toolkit, the South-South dimension in our programs, not forgetting the adoption of the following 3 rules of management and governance:

Unfreeze: this is the essential stage in preparing for change. The aim is to make employees aware that transformation is inevitable, and to convince them that the organization has no alternative but to do things differently. Resistance appears at this early stage.

Change: this phase represents concrete change, and our transformation program is aptly named. With minds ready to embrace the new, thanks to the sense of urgency created by the previous stage, new practices are defined. This stage can be broken down into several sub-phases, which are worth noting.

Refreeze: once the changes have been adopted, the aim is to stabilize and consolidate the new organization, the new working methods, and so on. If this phase is ignored, the project can quickly fail, with a return to the old situation, where all indicators point to a completely different mindset.

Today, all the bank's activities are concerned and involved in this operation, which is crucial to BTL's future. That's why we are so serene, confident and, above all, happy to begin sharing with you the fruits of this wonderful adventure of transformation.