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Are you worried about the fate of your loved ones in an uncertain future?
Would you like to protect your loved ones and guard against unforeseen financial events?

BTL, in partnership with Attijari Assurances, offers you Rahet AHBEBI, a foolproof insurance product as the ideal contingency solution to anticipate life’s hard knocks and ensure your family’s lifestyle remains unchanged. Rahet AHBEBI is an insurance contract that guarantees the payment of a lump sum or annuity in the event of death or Absolute and Permanent Disability (ADD).

The capital can be paid to the designated beneficiaries in the form of quarterly annuities over 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

The benefits:
  • Insurance tailored to your financial situation:
  • Simple insurance with immediate protection.
  • Subscription and death cover take effect the day after the contract is signed.