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The documentary credit (letter of credit) is a financing and security tool for international trade transactions. It offers numerous advantages for importers and exporters.

For importers, the letter of credit enables :
  • Minimize the risk of non-delivery and avoid advance payments often required by vendors.
  • Specify detailed merchandise or service specifications, quantity, quality, delivery dates and locations.
  • Negotiate and set prices.
For exporters, the letter of credit
  • Opens the door to international trade by minimizing risks. In effect, a bank takes the place of the buyer for payment, which is a means of financing production (pre-export financing) and after export (MCNE) for better working capital management.
  • It also makes it possible to minimize various risks (commercial, country, legal, exchange rate, etc.). In addition, the bank’s expertise is made available to the exporter, enabling him to increase sales by expanding into other markets without incurring excessive risk.

If you opt for an export letter of credit with BTL, you’ll benefit from the experience and assistance of our export team.

We offer pre-notification verification of terms and conditions, clarification of ambiguous terms, rapid electronic notification, confirmation of the letter of credit to minimize the risk of non-payment, rapid negotiation of documents presented, and much more. We can also consider specific forms of letter of credit to suit your needs.