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Are you an exporting company? Do you have orders to fill abroad and need financing to prepare your merchant stock?

BTL offers you the Export Pre-Financing Loan, a loan designed to cover needs arising from the preparation of a stock of goods for export or the performance of services abroad.

The amount of the credit can be up to 30% of projected exports or of the previous year’s sales.
For one-off export orders, the amount can even reach up to 80% of the contract value on a per-order basis.

The loan-to-value ratio can be adjusted according to the nature of the product to be exported, the terms and conditions of the contract, and the export forecasts substantiated by previous achievements and/or contracts obtained.

The Export Pre-Financing loan enables you to cover your production cycle expenses, so that you can prepare your stock and meet the demands of your foreign customers. Take advantage of this practical, cost-effective financing solution to boost your export business.