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The Carte Gold Nationale is a top-of-the-range BTL card with high withdrawal and payment limits. It enables you to make purchases at affiliated merchants equipped with Eftpos terminals, as well as withdraw cash from BTL ATMs and those of sister banks.

In addition to these practical benefits, the Gold National Card also offers free cover against fraudulent use in the event of card loss or theft, as well as personal and home assistance in Tunisia. Abroad, you also benefit from additional advantages such as travel assistance, coverage in the event of card loss or theft, luggage loss/theft insurance and medical coverage of up to €30,000.

By using the Gold Nationale card, you benefit from a flexible and practical means of payment that makes it easier for you to manage your cash both in Tunisia and abroad. On-line purchase and payment transactions are secured by a validation code sent to your mobile number. If you have an account in convertible dinars or foreign currencies, you can also benefit from the International Gold Card.