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Repurchase agreements (pension livrée) are an innovative investment product offered by BTL, enabling investors to transfer full ownership of their securities to the bank with a firm and irrevocable commitment to terminate the transaction at a date and price agreed from the outset.

This product offers a number of advantages, not least the possibility of satisfying an urgent need for liquidity instantly and at any time, on very advantageous terms, given the quality of the securities sold under repurchase agreements. What’s more, repurchase agreements enable you to significantly improve the returns on your company’s assets, by purchasing long-term securities with more attractive yields, without running the risk of liquidity.

Repurchase agreements are mainly aimed at BTL’s corporate clients, who wish to take advantage of their surplus cash or meet a liquidity requirement by selling their securities. The transferors and transferees respectively undertake, by irrevocable mutual agreement, the first to take back the securities transferred, the second to transfer them back, free of any encumbrances, at a price and date agreed on the transfer date.

The investment period (transfer date) is fixed at subscription, and the remuneration, based on a negotiable rate and price depending on the price of the available BTA security, is payable at maturity. Interest is calculated on the basis of a 360-day year.