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Discover our currency hedging instruments, designed to help you manage the risks associated with currency fluctuations and protect your business against adverse exchange rate fluctuations.  

Our experienced trading room team is available to support you in your currency transactions, whatever the size of your trade.

Forward exchange

Forward foreign exchange is BTL’s flagship hedging product. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of international and domestic markets, our teams are able to advise you and help you choose the right time to hedge your forward foreign exchange transactions. Forward foreign exchange is a firm contract between the bank and its customer, enabling them to hedge a commercial or financial transaction with a maturity exceeding 48 business hours.

Flexible term

The flexible term is a specific product offered by BTL. It provides for partial hedging of a letter of credit or foreign currency settlement. This partial hedging option enables you to take advantage of favorable exchange rate trends, while ensuring partial protection of the amount in question. The flexible term offers additional flexibility to adapt to your company’s specific needs.

Trust BTL to help you manage your foreign exchange risks and ensure your company’s financial stability.