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If you are a foreign worker in Tunisia, you can now manage and save your assets in complete security thanks to BTL’s Non-Resident Domestic Account (INR). This account enables you to receive and manage your income in dinars, and transfer part of your savings abroad at any time.

The INR account is easy to use and manage. You can fund it with your earnings and transfer funds from other INR accounts. You can also use this account to pay for the administration of your assets in Tunisia and to subscribe to Tunisian securities such as shares and bonds.

BTL facilitates the use of your INR account by offering you the possibility of receiving a payment card and/or a checkbook for convenient and secure management of your assets. What’s more, you can access your account remotely via BTL eBanking and BTL mBanking.

To benefit from the INR account, all you need to do is provide a copy of your residence permit and sign a sworn undertaking to open a single account with BTL. If you work in the public sector, you must also provide a valid contract of employment signed by your employer. For the private sector, you need an employment contract approved by the Minister of Employment.

Don’t wait any longer to open your BTL INR account and take advantage of all its benefits!