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A solution for managing your cash flow

As a company, you can sometimes encounter occasional shortfalls between your expenses and your income. To help you cope with these situations, Banque BTL offers you a financing solution: the mobilized overdraft.

How does it work?

A mobilized overdraft is set up on the basis of a study of your financial situation and of the transaction at the origin of your financing needs. The amount and duration of the mobilized overdraft are then determined according to your cash flow requirements.

Overdraft rates are indexed to the Money Market Rate. This means you benefit from an attractive interest rate for your financing.

What are the advantages?

The mobilized overdraft offers many advantages for your company:

  • Multi-destination :
    The overdraft mobilized enables you to meet different specific financing needs.
  • Possibility of accumulation:
    You can accumulate several mobilized overdrafts to meet your cash flow needs as they arise.
  • Flexibility:
    The mobilized overdraft adapts to your specific financing needs, so you can have additional cash available when you need it.
Don’t hesitate to contact Banque BTL to find out more about our mobilized overdraft solution and the conditions for setting up this financing.