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For BTL, Africa is neither a mirage nor a mere showcase.
On the contrary, it’s a reality, even a given, given the bank’s cross-border history and its business model, which is largely based on “South-oriented” trade finance.

To achieve this, we have sought to build a new operating paradigm that is very close to customers and prospects seeking either a market, a partner, an African settlement bank or appropriate financing.


BTL wanted to be close to its customers through :

  1. A team dedicated to Africa:
    Une équipe formée de professionnels qui ont une connaissance approfondie des particularités de l’Afrique
  2. A relationship of accounts:
    Rather than a correspondence relationship, BTL has established a relationship of accounts, particularly in West African countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, TOGO, GUINEA and BENIN. This list will be extended in the coming months.
  3. A personalized service offer:
    Unlike other banks that offer standard packages, BTL seeks to tailor the proposal to each customer according to their needs and the specific features of each African country (regulations, procedures, etc.).
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