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Borrowing in retirement is of course possible, and may even be advisable.

It’s a BTL conviction: for us, seniors are a clientele in whom we not only believe, but above all wish to serve in the best possible conditions and make this category a benchmark clientele.

Is it possible to take out a personal loan when you’re a senior citizen?

Forget about it! Banks don’t lend money after the age of 60.

You’ve sometimes heard this phrase uttered by someone you know, or even by your own children, who, in the middle of a family dinner, pull the rug out from under some of your desires. A clumsy way of warning you about the so-called routine that awaits you from the very first days of the rest of your life? No. They’re simply conveying a preconceived notion that’s well entrenched in the collective imagination (but which, in the final analysis, is more of a myth): banks don’t grant much credit to retirees.

Frustrating, given that for 42% of those concerned (59% in the higher socio-professional categories), retirement represents a time for personal projects*. And especially false, since 26% of 55-79 year-olds are borrowers**.

Taking out a personal loan for senior citizens: an embarrassment of riches

The idea that credit solutions for retired people don’t exist has been swept aside. And while personal loan terms and insurance costs may vary from those of a younger person, a bank cannot legally close the door to borrowing on the grounds of advanced age.

Far from being an end in itself, retirement frees up the time you sometimes lacked when your working hours encroached on your leisure time or the desires that have been nagging at you for years.

In the projects department, there’s no shortage of ideas. At the top of the list are trips abroad, a priority for 60-69 year-olds, 45% of whom intend to take up their hobbies over the next five years. For others, home improvements (29%) and buying a car (27%) are also on the agenda. Some are also planning to move house (16%), or even acquire fixed assets for their children.

They are also thinking of selling their homes, which have become too large for them, and taking out life insurance policies for their children.

What are your plans for retirement?